The Evolution Of Our Subscription Boxes...

Hiya Educators!

We thought we’d give you a little insight into how our subscription box has developed over time, into the box our monthly, bi-monthly and quarterly subscribers love!

It all started out with a little bit of lockdown love, after months of finding new ways to cope with lockdown (some arguably better than others!) We decided on doing something together. It spurred from one idea of creating something positive that could brighten someone’s day, after all, we are teachers… It's what we do! From there it all spiralled!

We started with mood boards, colour schemes, logo ideas and a general love of making people smile. After a crazy amount of researching and designing we kept coming back to three things, eventually we settled on our three core aims, to provide beautiful, useful and good quality stationery goodies, to promote wellbeing through mindful activities, and to remain conscious of our impact on the environment. And with that, our idea for a subscription box was born…

We wanted to provide useful stationery that we had tried and tested, the type of stationery that is never left in the bottom of your drawer, something you would have an everyday use for. As a small team of teachers - just two of us to be exact! We felt we knew a little something about what educators need in their day to day life, and with the help of expertise from all areas of school and office departments, we are thoughtful about items that would suit any educator! Including beautiful and useful stationery was also a must, as much as sometimes it’s nice to have something pretty, if it’s not useful then what’s the point? This is where we began to tie the two together, ensuring our subscribers received unique stationery that was of good quality, and would be needed in the everyday life of an educator.

And then we come to mindfulness, a buzzword, it's topical, it's the “in” trend thing, right? Heck no! Not to us! The word can be thrown around a lot, but what does it actually mean to be mindful of our lives and activities and wellbeing? That’s the journey we hope you discover with us. Whether it's an activity like yoga, reading, gardening or encouraging your love of the great outdoors. Maybe it's eating a delicious healthy meal, and really tasting your food, thinking about the goodness you're putting in your body.

Or perhaps its bath salts and a wax melt to allow you some “me time” and forget about the world for a few mindful moments. If you're reading this and thinking “as if, when do I have time for that?” Then maybe we can help you too. It’s easy to say we should be doing this, the hard part is actually making time to do it. Me time isn’t selfish, teacher guilt is unfortunately a real thing, but as the saying goes, you can’t pour from an empty cup. So for the people at the back… “Me Time” isn’t selfish! It’s a necessity. This is why in each month we provide something that is mindful for you, whether it's an activity or item that can help you with your journey, it’s our second aim for each and every subscription box.

Finally, our third aim - to be environmentally conscious. This started with an idea of planting trees, which quickly evolved into a partnership with Ecologi. (Future post coming about the tree’s we’ve planted so far as a small business!) But then we had a rethink, this is great for the planet, but how could we begin providing our customers with eco-friendly products that they could use, and feel that they too are also making an impact in the world? Then that classic lightbulb moment happened… An eco-friendly stationery alternative! As schools we are constantly worrying about excessive plastic use, ways to cut down on using paper, and how to move forwards with eco-friendly goals. So here we decided that our little businesses could provide a different eco-friendly alternative each month. We started with a focus on stationery, recycled post-it notes, plantable notebooks, pens made completely of recycled plastic. Each month we research new items that could promote your love for the environment, with the idea that perhaps one stationery product may interest you, and eventually as a school you may choose to order eco-friendly alternatives for your whole department! We aim to promote this type of stationery so you can see how useful, high quality and beautiful eco-friendly stationery can be! And as our journey through this year has progressed, we are now beginning to venture into eco-friendly alternatives such as bamboo cutlery, reusable face pads, and lunch bags made of recycled products, looking into ways we can seek out alternatives for everyday life in and out of school.

Each month we mood board with our three aims in mind, and each month we come up with more and more ideas that we hope bring happiness to every subscriber who chooses to join our journey! We started this small business off with the hope of making a few people smile, and we thank each and every one of you for being a part of this tremendous journey, and allowing us to continue doing what we love.

Keep smiling, and thank you for reading,

The Mindful Teacher Team X

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