We are Over Halfway!

Hello Educators!

We hope you have either enjoyed your half-term or are currently (like us) sat with our feet up relaxing.

As much as we all love teaching and being in a school or educational setting, we all know that it can become extremely tiresome peeling ourselves out of bed each day. There are times when doing nothing feels like the perfect thing to do, but we hear the alarm clock sound and up and off we go. We get ready for another week, doing so many jobs in a day (people who haven't stepped inside of a school since leaving one, would not believe).

We ourselves cannot believe how quickly this year is going and can see the light at the end of what feels like a very dark, long tunnel. The mornings and nights are becoming lighter and the Daffodils are growing. You will be happy to know, if you don't already that we are officially over halfway through the year. The first of which feels somewhat "normal" after the past few, crazy years which we have had!

Exciting we know! Over halfway done and let's just say, we all know how much the lighter mornings and warmer days make everything feel much better! We ourselves are very much so looking forward to this time of year! It won't be long until we are all sat together in the summer term wondering where the past few months have vanished to. We just really wanted to let you know that you are doing fab and for those who are struggling with aspects of teacher life, you can do this - trust us, the nicer weather makes all the difference!

Here are some top tips for when you may need to take some time out for you. If the first half of the year has been as difficult as we know some teachers and fellow education support staff have found it, then these may be helpful for you -

  1. Go for a lovely country walk and breathe in that crisp, fresh air (when yet ANOTHER storm isn't destroying the UK).

  2. Do some meditation and #mindfulness activities.

  3. Complete a random act of kindness, not only will this brighten someone else's day, it will also brighten yours.

  4. Spend time with your loved ones.

  5. Speak with a colleague about things you may be finding tough, they are there to help.

Halfway done, halfway to go! You got this.

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